Ornamental horticultural nursery Rob van Deelen, located in the North-Limburg rose village Lottum and specialise in container cultivation of acidopihlous shrubs such as Japanese Azalea, Dwarf Rhododendron and Leucothoë.

In the field of open soil nurseries, the company specializes in the cultivation of Prunus Triloba.

Goods are supplied according to sales conditions H.B.N 1994.

From the summer of 2017, we will launch new Japanese Azaleas named Fairy Dreams. These plants have been discovered abroad by our seedling supplier who has the plant’s breeders’ right. It consists of the following types:
- Azalea Inas Diamond (white)
- Azalea Majas Rubin (red)
- Azalea Pinky Jane (lilla/purple)
-Azalea Sandys Fire (orange)

These species are copyrighted and are forbidden to be grown without permission.

Due to the ever increasing pressure on the environmental demands by f.i. the government and the general market to grow with less chemically harmful substances, in 2017 our nursery started to grow its plants under the environmental quality mark MPS. This makes it clear for both our customers and ourselves what pesticides and in which quantity our nursery uses. We are happy to do our part in helping the environment, including (as mentioned above) using recycled materials for our photo labels.